Solomon Burke: Rock ‘n Soul

Album #8

Episode date - August 13, 2014

Solomon Burke’s early years are the stuff of legend, and TV documentaries. He was a preacher at age 7 (!) and became pastor for his ministry by age 12.

Weezer - Say It Ain’t So

Alternative Choices

Summer 1994

Episode date - August 6, 2014

1994 was the year that ‘alternative’ music took off with a vengeance.

Bob Dylan: Another Side

Bob Dylan: Another Side

Album #4

Episode date - July 30, 2014

It may seem odd to include a classic Bob Dylan album on any list of the best ‘alternative’ albums, but technically, this record fits the criteria, because the record never reached the B

Jerry Lee Lewis Live at the Star Club

Jerry Lee Lewis: Live at the Star Club

Album #3

Episode date - July 2, 2014

In 1964, Jerry Lee Lewis was about as ‘off the grid’ as you could get. He was the living definition of a has-been, as his career was completely derailed in 1958.

Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon

Bridges to Babylon

Channel 143-44

Episode date - July 11, 2014

It didn’t quite work out that way, but all expectations were that this would (finally) be the last studio album recorded by the Rolling Stones.

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Cold Shot

The Hit-Filled Summer


Episode date - June 18, 2014

If you lived through the summer of ’84, it’s hard to forget what the radio sounded like that year.

Muddy Waters: “Folk Singer”

Muddy Waters: Folk Singer

Album #1

Episode date - June 4, 2014

With this show, we are starting a brand new feature for our American Hit Radio series. From time to time, we plan to dedicate the hour-long program to one specific album.

Sparks - Kimono My House

Three More Albums

May 1974

Episode date - May 21, 2014

While rock music tore itself into tiny little pieces, various bands pursued extraordinarily individualistic goals.

Three ‘Conventional’ Albums

Three ‘Conventional’ Albums

May 1974

Episode date - May 14, 2014

With all of the diversity that was happening with popular music in 1974, it started to become clear that a distinct differentiation was forming between acts that relied on ‘conventional&rsquo

David Bowie - Diamond Dogs

More Albums

April 1974

Episode date - May 7, 2014

Last week, we took a close look at a few ‘progressive albums from April ’74.

This week, we stick to the exact same timeframe, but we change styles.