King Crimson Starless And Bible Black

Three Albums

April 1974

Episode date - April 30, 2014

Last week, we discussed how, by 1974, rock and roll was breaking down into factions, separating segments of its originally broad audience into smaller ‘subsets’.

 Blue Ridge Mountain Sky – The Marshall Tucker Band

Album Tracks - Part 2

Early 1974

Episode date - April 23, 2014

In retrospect, you can actually discern a difference in rock and roll music from 1973 to 1974.

Another Park, Another Sunday – The Doobie Brothers

Albums Tracks

Early 1974

Episode date - April 2, 2014

Albums from Early ‘74 So we’ve spent 15 weeks looking at my son’s favorite songs. Now it’s time to get back to business as usual.

John Lennon - Mind Games

A Fab Four Christmas Season


Episode date - November 13, 2013

If you were a clever Christmas gift giver in 1973 (and perhaps a generous one at that), you could have gifted new albums by all four Beatles to your friends and family.

Neil Young - Time Fades Away

Three LP's


Episode date - October 23, 2013

To take a cue from a pair of Neil Young song titles, you know how “Time Fades Away,” so let’s take a “Journey Through the Past.”

The Who - Quadrophenia

Celebrating Quadrophenia's Anniversary


Episode date - October 16, 2013

Forty years ago this month, the Who released Quadrophenia. The Who have had one of the most unusual and confounding histories of any rock and roll band.

Outkast - Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

Looking Back

October 2003

Episode date - October 9, 2013

Although I seem to spend most of my time reminiscing about older music, it’s nice to take a look back at more recent times to see if things have changed all that much for better or worse.

XTC - Mummer

The Second Brit Invasion


Episode date - October 2, 2013

For fans of the new ‘alternative’ rock music that spun out of the post-punk new wave movement, 1983 sort of felt like a microcosm of the 1964 British Invasion.

The Gun Club - Death Party

EP's and More...


Episode date - September 25, 2013

After the whole ‘new wave’ thing, American record companies were trying to find new ways to market their acts.

Poco - Crazy Eyes

…and Now for Something


Episode date - September 11, 2013

Completely Different!