Estelle Axton and Jim Stewart of Star Records

Stax: Not as it was...

Channel 145-17

Episode date - August 21, 2015

To the casual observer, things at Stax appeared to be moving along just fine in 1970.

Love: Forever Changes

Love: Forever Changes

Album #42

Episode date - August 28, 2015

Until just now, I never really thought about it, but “Forever Changes” deserves recognition as one of the heaviest titles ever bestowed on an album.

Buffalo Springfield: Again

Buffalo Springfield: Again

Album #39

Episode date - August 19, 2015

I consider myself to be one of the biggest fans of Buffalo Springfield, but regardless of my undying respect, it’s hard to consider them a proper ‘band’.

Stax: Maintaining The Pace

Channel 145-16

Episode date - August 14, 2015

The one problem with starting too fast is the difficulty of maintaining the pace.

Van Morrison: Blowin’ Your Mind

Van Morrison: Blowin’ Your Mind

Album #38

Episode date - August 12, 2015

This is perhaps one of the greatest half-albums ever made. Side two is just a bit better than worthless, but side one is simply frightening in its intensity.

Mavis Staples

Stax: Diversity

Channel 145-15

Episode date - August 7, 2015

The past few shows focused on the profound changes that affected the Stax label, but the musical evidence of change was a bit subtler than the reality.

Estelle Axton

Stax: Fare Thee Well, Estelle

Channel 145-14

Episode date - July 31, 2015

With so much change taking place, it was only inevitable that there would be some fallout.

The Kinks: Something Else by the Kinks

The Kinks: Something Else by the Kinks

Album #37

Episode date - August 5, 2015

The music of Ray Davies and the Kinks may be one of most undeserved gifts bestowed on America.

Albert King: Born Under a Bad Sign

Albert King: Born Under a Bad Sign

Album #36

Episode date - July 29, 2015

Stax Records and its subsidiary Volt were essentially singles labels, constantly searching for a song/artist combination that would connect with the public.


Stax: Fort Stax

Channel 145-13

Episode date - July 24, 2015

Under the guidance of Al Bell, it is remarkable how quickly Stax was able to recover from seemed like certain doom.