Van Dyke Parks: Song Cycle

Van Dyke Parks: Song Cycle

Album #47

Episode date - September 30, 2015

What do you think would happen if somebody attempted to take the entire scope of American popular music from its inception until, let’s say, the First World War, and then condense all of it u

Stax: Lost Direction

Stax: Lost Direction

Channel 145-22

Episode date - October 2, 2015

By the summer of 1972, Stax had been stretching out in so many different directions that it would have been easy to forget that their primary purpose was to record and distribute music.

Traffic: Heaven is in Your Mind

Traffic: Heaven is in Your Mind

Album #46

Episode date - September 23, 2015

For years I underrated the excellence of this album, and I can only muster a papier-mâché excuse.

The Dramatics on Stax  Records

Stax: Seeds of Destruction

Channel 145-21

Episode date - September 25, 2015

This show represents the beginning of the third and final phase of Stax Records – a phase represented by independence from corporate control, which meant greater freedom and the ability to ut

The Staple Singers

Stax: Independence

Channel 145-20

Episode date - September 18, 2015

This show marks the end of the second era for Stax Records, namely, their association with outside ownership.

Leonard Cohen: Songs of Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen: Songs of Leonard Cohen

Album #45

Episode date - September 16, 2015

In 1967, Leonard Cohen happened to be the right person in the right place at the right time.

Stax: Less Memphis Than Before

Stax: Less Memphis

Channel 145-19

Episode date - September 11, 2015

By 1971, Stax no longer had a discernible sound of their own.

The Who: The Who Sell Out

The Who: The Who Sell Out

Album #44

Episode date - September 9, 2015

Looking back, it is now easy to see just how conceptual Pete Townshend always was.

13th Floor Elevators: Easter Everywhere

13th Floor Elevators: Easter Everywhere

Album #43

Episode date - September 2, 2015

God help the human race. We have been like cattle, slogging our way through day to day existence for millenniums now. We’re due for a break.

Stax: Enter Muscle Shoals

Channel 145-18

Episode date - August 28, 2015

By the time 1971 started to roll around, Stax had virtually lost its identity.