The Carter Family

How Music Changed Part 20-5

The Carter Family: Legacy

Episode date - March 20, 2015

It took the ‘modern’ world a considerable amount of time to catch up with the importance of that Carter Family, in regard to their influence on how music developed and their fundamental

The Carter Family - Will The Circle Be Unbroken

How Music Changed Part 20-4

The Carter Family: Can the Circle Be Unbroken?

Episode date - March 13, 2015

“City Folk” may have considered themselves more sophisticated and experienced than presumed ‘backwoods rubes’ like the Carter Family, but the truth is that the Carters had m

Mothers of Invention – Freak Out!

Mothers of Invention: Freak Out!

Album #19

Episode date - March 11, 2015

In retrospect, it’s pretty comical to observe that Frank Zappa got his start in the music business because his band was originally perceived as a blues band.

The Carter Family

How Music Changed Part 20-3

The Carter Family: Fame

Episode date - March 6, 2015

Other than A.P Carter, the family had no reason to believe that their recordings would amount to much. Most people thought A.P.

Sony Landreth - South of I-10

A Few Favorite Albums

March 1995

Episode date - March 4, 2015

The criteria for this show are quite simple.

The Carter Family

How Music Changed Part 20-2

The Carter Family: Discovery

Episode date - February 27, 2015

Our second show in this series dedicated to the legacy of the Carter Family covers the year 1928, when Ralph Peer discovered them.

The Beau Brummels - Laugh Laugh

"AM" Pop Music of the Day

February 1965

Episode date - February 18, 2015

Time for a good old-fashioned, genuine ‘American Hit Radio’ program – when I started doing this radio show some number of years ago (how long has it been?

James Carr: You Got My Mind Messed Up

James Carr: You Got My Mind Messed Up

Album #20

Episode date - February 25, 2015

I believe it is impossible to overstate just how important the Southern Baptist Church was to the development of American popular song.

The Carter Family

How Music Changed Part 20-1

The Carter Family: Early Years

Episode date - February 20, 2015

These days, there’s an entire generation who think of the good old days as a time before the interstate was always bumper to bumper, when you could shop in a store with less than 30 aisles, a

Them: Them Again

Them: Them Again

Album #18

Episode date - February 11, 2015

What? ‘Them’ again? Sure, why not?