Album Rock Diversity in 1995

A Diverse Collection of Album Rock

May 1995

Episode date - May 13, 2015

It’s funny to think how our perceptions change over time. Back in 1995, it felt as though musical innovation had stagnated.

Rufus Thomas - Walking the Dog

Stax: The Early Memphis Sound

Channel 145-3

Episode date - May 8, 2015

By late 1962, Stax had a reasonable level of success. A handful of their singles were selling, and they had Atlantic Records to help them get distributed around the country.

Buffalo Springfield - Self Titled

Buffalo Springfield: Self Titled

Album #29

Episode date - May 6, 2015

This is the record where the world at large first heard of Neil Young and Stephen Stills.

The Kinks: Face to Face

The Kinks: Face to Face

Album #26

Episode date - April 29, 2015

Most of the English bands that came out of the British Invasion displayed an obsession with American blues and R&B, and the Kinks were initially no exception, except for the fact that Ray Davie

The Mar-Keys

Stax: Luck Comes to Town

Channel 145-2

Episode date - May 1, 2015

For a label to have any success, it needs at least two things – distribution and talent.


Stax: Stax/Volt

Channel 145-1

Episode date - April 24, 2015

The story of Stax Records is one of the most unlikely tales of success that you are likely to hear.

Red House Painters

Red House Painters, Kevin Gilbert & Shack

April 1995

Episode date - April 22, 2015

There were plenty of very good popular albums that were released twenty years ago, in April 1995 – Pavement , Guided By Voices, Duran Duran, Mobb Deep and King Crimson all had major releases,

Psychedelic Sound of The 13th Floor Elevators

Psychedelic Sound of The 13th Floor Elevators

Album #24

Episode date - April 15, 2015

If you look back from here chronologically, you might notice that the lion’s share of the best popular music was blues-centric. That’s not an accident. That was the zeitgeist.

Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow

Albums That Still Matter Today

April 1975

Episode date - April 8, 2015

When I think back to 1975, my memories are of a fallow period in popular music, a time when there wasn’t very much that I liked.

John Mayall Blues Breakers w/Eric Clapton

John Mayall: Blues Breakers w/Eric Clapton

Album #22

Episode date - April 1, 2015

There’s two ways you can view this record. From a positive perspective, you may see it as the apex of English Blues expression.