Stax: Time of Awe and Success

Channel 145-9

Episode date - June 26, 2015

By the Spring of ’67, even the personnel at Stax were in wonder about their widespread success.

Junior Wells w/Buddy Guy: Hoodoo Man Blues

Junior Wells w/Buddy Guy: Hoodoo Man Blues

Album #16

Episode date - June 24, 2015

It’s kind of weird to say that one of Buddy Guy’s best albums is not a Buddy Guy album at all – his name didn’t even appear on the original release of “Hoodoo Man Blue

Stax: Cultural Changes

Channel 145-8

Episode date - June 19, 2015

By the Winter of ’66, Stax was hummin’. It seemed as if the whole world was coming around to the Stax style of music.

Velvet Underground and Nico

Album #33

Episode date - June 17, 2015

The accepted ‘book’ on this album is that it is the most influential album of all time that nobody actually bought.

Gene Clark w/ The Gosdin Brothers

Gene Clark w/ The Gosdin Brothers

Album #31

Episode date - June 10, 2015

My intention is to not flood this series with too many selections by the same artists, but it’s hard to cull Gene Clark’s overlooked catalog of great albums down to only a few.

Al Bell

Stax: Al Bell's Influence

Channel 145-7

Episode date - June 5, 2015

One of the biggest changes in culture at Stax Records came with the hiring of Al Bell as their head of promotion.

The Left Banke - Walk Away Renee

The Left Banke - Walk Away Renee

Album #30

Episode date - May 27, 2015

February 1967

Stax: A Year of Transition

Channel 145-6

Episode date - May 29, 2015

1965 was a year of transition for Stax.

Sam and Dave

Stax: Stability Comes to Town

Channel 145-5

Episode date - May 22, 2015

By late 1964, things began to stabilize at Stax. Otis Redding’s prominence at the label increased, and he recorded some of his best work around this time.

Stax: Maintaining Status Quo

Channel 145-4

Episode date - May 15, 2015

By late 1963, all that Stax wanted to do was to retain the bit of credibility that it earned through the few hits that the label generated in its early incarnation.