Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks

Jewels in the Rough

Late 1975

Episode date - February 4, 2015

The Time Was

    Not many people would consider 1975 to be a ‘banner year’ for pop music. Things shifted dramatically toward a crass commercialism that left most songs and/or albums suspect from an artistic perspective.

    The AM side of things verged on the absurd, while the most popular acts all competed to be top dog in a music business that started to spin out of control. At the time, we all knew that most of the new music was ridiculous, but on many levels, it was also fun.

    This show focuses on four albums that did NOT fit the stereotype that came to define the mid-seventies sound. Each of these albums followed their own muse and ignored trends entirely. Some succeeded, and some failed, but al of them marched to their own drummer.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Dark Horse – George Harrison (Dark Horse)

    2) Ding Dong – George Harrison (Dark Horse)

    3) I Can Tell – Dr. Feelgood (Malpractice)

    4) Going Back Home – Dr. Feelgood (Malpractice)

    5) Tangled Up in Blue – Bob Dylan (Blood on the Tracks)

    6) Simple Twist of Fate – Bob Dylan (Blood on the Tracks)

    7) Idiot Wind – Bob Dylan (Blood on the Tracks)

    8) Isi – Neu! (75)

    9) After Eight – Neu! (75)

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