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Do you ever wonder what happened to your favorite musicians of the past?

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Top 500 Albums of the Top 40: #21 September 1965

The Rolling Stones: Out Of Our Heads

“Out of Our Heads” is the fourth album released in the U.S. by the Rolling Stones, so we already had plenty of opportunities to hear the band, but this is the album that...

Top 500 Albums of the Top 40: #20 August 1965

Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited

If you play this album along with other albums that were released at approximately the same time, you might better understand the full genius of Bob Dylan....

Top 500 Albums of the Top 40: #19 August 1965

The Beatles: HELP!

Oh, the indignities American fans of the Beatles were forced to suffer. At this point, we are only one-and-a-half years into the Beatles career, and Capitol...

How Music Changed Channel 146-13

Simon & Garfunkel: Graceland

For all his success and the plaudits that Paul Simon has received over his career, I sometimes think that his audience and his peers have sometimes treated him...

How Music Changed Channel 146-12

Simon & Garfunkel: Together Again... & Apart

Considering Paul Simon’s determination to maintain a solo career and Art Garfunkel’s allegedly incorrigible nature, it seems amazing that the duo would have...

How Music Changed Channel 146-11

Simon & Garfunkel: Greatest Hits & a lot of etc.

By the mid-seventies, real life started to intervene on the personal lives of Simon and Garfunkel.

Divorce, marriage, dating and suicide all came...


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