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Do you ever wonder what happened to your favorite musicians of the past?

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The Alternative Top 40- Part 6

Nina Simone - In Concert

It’s amazing and appalling just how self-serving mainstream culture can be. I certainly do not intend any offense to folks like Pete Seeger who dedicated their...

Top 500 Albums of the Top 40: #39 March 1967

Frank Sinatra & Tom Jobim

Whenever music people talk about the year 1967, the conversation almost always focuses on Psychedelia and the Summer of Love. I myself have been guilty of this, the...

Top 500 Albums of the Top 40: #38 March 1967

Aretha Franklin: I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You

History has come to treat this Atlantic Records release as Aretha’s debut album, but that is ridiculous.

Franklin had been signed to Columbia...

How Music Changed Channel 148-5

Memphis & Muscle Shoals: The Birth of American Studios

A lot has been made of Memphis’ role in the development of popular music, and most history revolves around the rise and fall of Sun Studios, and the subsequent...

How Music Changed Channel 148-4

Memphis & Muscle Shoals: More Fame' Sessions

Part four in our series on Memphis and Muscle Shoals takes us a bit deeper into the story of Rick Hall’s Fame studio, featuring a few incredible hits, a few that got...

How Music Changed Channel 148-3

Memphis & Muscle Shoals: Fame's First Hits

For part three in our series covering the music made by the legendary recording studios of the Memphis/Muscle Shoals area, we return to Rick Hall’s Fame Studios,...


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