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Do you ever wonder what happened to your favorite musicians of the past?

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Top 500 Albums of the Top 40: #24 December 1965

The Byrds: Turn! Turn! Turn!

The Beach Boys certainly rate as one of the first rock and roll bands, but they did not immediately kick off a trend of like-minded musicians. It wasn’t until the...

Top 500 of the Top 40: #24 - December 1965

The Rolling Stones: December's Children (And Everybody's)

One of the most amazing things that a modern day music fan might find fascinating is the pace that artists worked at in the ‘60s.

The Rolling Stones...

Top 500 Albums of the Top 40: #23 December 1965

The Beatles: Rubber Soul

After two solid years of unabated greatness, you would’ve had to be bulletproof to avoid the charm of the Beatles.

For Christmas 1965, the band...

How Music Changed Channel 146-17

Simon & Garfunkel: Recent Music

With this show, yet another segment of “How Music Changed” comes to its conclusion. Of course, life goes on for Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel – in fact, Simon has a new...

How Music Changed Channel 146-16

Simon & Garfunkel: The End of the Millennium

We approach the end of our story (with one more show next week) with the album releases from Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon near the end of the 1900’s.


How Music Changed Channel 146-15

Simon & Garfunkel: The Capeman

When Paul Simon’s “The Capeman” was released, most of the public already knew something about the project.

Advance press had conjured loads of...


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