Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow

Albums That Still Matter Today

April 1975

Episode date - April 8, 2015

The Time Was

    When I think back to 1975, my memories are of a fallow period in popular music, a time when there wasn’t very much that I liked. Hard evidence, though, proves my memory to be faulty in that regard.

    Just in the month of April, I’m able to find at least ten albums that stand the test of time, so I wonder why my memories conflict with the truth of the matter. Perhaps I am thinking about ‘pop’ music of this era, because there certainly were plenty of terrible AM hits in 1975, but the albums more than compensated for the shortcomings of pop radio. For this show, I picked a few tracks from a handful of albums that remain among my favorites from forty years ago, in April 1975.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Freeway Jam – Jeff Beck (“Blow by Blow”)

    2) Doctor Wu – Steely Dan (“Katy Lied”)

    3) Any World That I’m Welcome To – Steely Dan (“Katy Lied”)

    4) I Cheat the Hangman – The Doobie Brothers (Stampede”)

    5) Boogie Smoogie – The Atlanta Rhythm Section (“Dog Days”)

    6) Hokey Pokey – Richard and Linda Thompson (“Hokey Pokey”)

    7) I’ll Regret It All in the Morning – Richard and Linda Thompson (“Hokey Pokey”)

    8) A Heart Needs a Home – Richard and Linda Thompson (“Hokey Pokey”)

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