Chuck Berry

A Tribute to Chuck Berry

March 2017

Episode date - March 22, 2017

The Time Was

    I can think of no other character that could qualify for the title ‘Father of Rock and Roll’ more than Chuck Berry.

    Who else even comes close? Chuck not only performed and sang, but he also wrote virtually all of his material, and his songs quite literally provided the blueprint for rock and roll songwriting. Just as important, his style on guitar, not to mention his spectacular showmanship, ensured that the instrument would become the backbone for rock and roll.

    His playing was economical, yet it managed to cover both lead and rhythm requirements, meaning that he could play with a small trio with no problem at all, although he had the good sense to often add the great Johnnie Johnson on piano.

    His songs were almost always amusing, and showed a talent for casual poetry that hadn’t been seen since Ira Gershwin. Many of his lyrics were personal in nature, and yet most of his biggest hits conveyed just how well he understood his target audience of teenagers. More than anything, Chuck was a storyteller with a guitar around his neck. He was the living embodiment of Johnny B. Goode, the character he created to loosely fit his own autobiography.

    With a stunningly deep catalogue of brilliant material, he carved his own name and music into the consciousness of virtually everyone who followed. Whenever three or four musicians gather to make music, traces of Chuck Berry’s influence are inevitable and unavoidable. He is simply that important. Roll over Beethoven, and make some room. Here on earth, we should reserve space on Mount Rushmore. Bye Bye Johnny.

    Songs include in this show:

    1) Maybeline

    2) You Can’t Catch Me

    3) Too Much Monkey Business

    4) Brown Eyed Handsome Man

    5) School Day

    6) Oh Baby Doll

    7) Sweet Little Sixteen

    8) Memphis

    9) Swet Little Rock and Roller

    10) Almost Grown

    11) Back in the USA

    12) Nadine

    13) No Particular Place to Go

    14) I Want to Be Your Driver

    15) Medley of Chuck Berry cover versions by Beatles and Stones



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