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1990's Decade Overview

The nineties set in with a stratified culture that only grew further apart as the decade wore on. Record labels and radio stations coalesced into huge corporate monoliths that provided the means by which we allowed ourselves to be segmented. America’s population was segregated into target demographic groups, which meant that diversity became a quaint anachronism. The overwhelming success of the compact disc made the distribution of music easier than ever, but it also meant that ‘top forty music’ grew anemic, since most ‘hit’ songs were no longer available on a viable singles format. ‘Grunge’ provided a temporary means for the so-called ‘Generation X’ to vent its frustration, but it died an ignominious death with the suicide of its reluctant figurehead, Kurt Cobain. Essentially, our culture became corporatized, resulting in the repression of originality and the rampant onset of music that was as predictable as it was popular.

As far as popular music was concerned, the nineties were the first decade since the onset of rock and roll to show little in the way of change. The nineties went out more or less as they came in, with corporate divas dominating a landscape littered with pop confections and rap artists.

Top Ten Artists of 1993

Janet Jackson

SWV (Sisters With Voices)

Mariah Carey

Whitney Houston

Dr. Dre


Duran Duran


Michael Jackson


Top Ten Artists of 1999



Ricky Martin

Faith Evans

R. Kelly

Mariah Carey

‘N Sync

Whitney Houston

Britney Spears



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