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The Time Was May 1982: A Nice Pair

episode date - May 16, 2012

Let’s get off of 1972 for a while. It’s a fabulous year for music, but it’s overshadowing a few other eras that deserve attention. For example, May 1982 saw the release of two albums that have become among the most respected work of either artist.

Thirty years ago this month, Paul McCartney released ”Tug of War”, his first major work since John Lennon’s death. As a result, it contains some of the most poignant work of his career, while simultaneously being almost foppishly cloying. The juxtaposition is frustrating, but the better songs are among some of his best.

Roxy Music also released what would turn out to be their final studio project. “Avalon” was so beautiful that most fans saw this as a new beginning full of ecstatic promise, a gorgeous extension of the post-punk new wave that seemed to lose direction with other artists.

We didn’t know it at the time, but 1982 was a transition year for popular music, and these two records best represent music on the cusp of that change.

Featured tracks include;

1) Tug of War - Paul McCartney (“Tug of War”)

2) Here Today - Paul McCartney (“Tug of War”)

3) Ballroom Dancing - Paul McCartney (“Tug of War”)

4) Wanderlust - Paul McCartney (“Tug of War”)

5) More Than This - Roxy Music (“Avalon”)

6) The Space Between - Roxy Music (“Avalon”)

7) Avalon - Roxy Music (“Avalon”)

8) India - Roxy Music (“Avalon”)

9) The Main Thing - Roxy Music (“Avalon”)

10) Take a Chance on Me - Roxy Music (“Avalon”)

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