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The Time Was... July 1957: 50 Years Ago!

episode date - July 3, 2007

For today’s show, we’re going to take a short break from our coverage of the “Summer of Love” to look at what music sounded like ten years previous to that era. All songs featured in today’s program debuted on the music charts in July 1957.

The Summer of 1957 was a strange, mixed bag of rock and roll and pop schmaltz. To paint an accurate portrait, we’ll feature a bit of both. From today’s perspective, it’s hard to believe that music changed so drastically in the course of the following ten years. As a case in point, look at the songs from today’s show, and compare them to “Strawberry Fields Forever,” or “Light My Fire.” How big of a jump is it from Pat Boone and Ricky Nelson to Jimi Hendrix and the Who?

Comparatively, does anybody even sense much of a change in the music scene between 1997 and 2007? We are living in a musically creative dead zone at the moment, so it is fun, enlightening, and almost shocking to see how much growth transpired in the short span of 1957-1967. To cap our perspective, next week we will look at hit singles from July 1967.

Here’s a list of what we cover;

1) Shangri-La – The Four Coins (as a ‘Bad Hit’)

2) Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On – Jerry Lee Lewis

3) Suzie-Q – Dale Hawkins

4) Let the Four Winds Blow – Roy Brown

5) Words of Love – The Diamonds (as a ‘Bad Hit’)

6) Love Letters in the Sand – Pat Boone (#1 song week of 7/1/1957)

7) Mean Woman Blues – Elvis Presley

8) Mean Woman Blues – Roy Orbison

9) Mean Woman Blues – Jerry Lee Lewis

10) Got a Lot of Livin’ to Do – Elvis Presley

11) Loving You – Elvis Presley

12) Around the World in 80 Days – Victor Young (#1 album week of 7/1/1957)

CLICK HERE to listen to the full show!

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