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The Time Was... February 1987:

episode date - February 27, 2007

Looking back twenty years, it seems rather obvious that the music dating from February 1987 was nearly schizophrenic in nature. The pop charts and album charts were pushing and pulling in too many directions at once, trying hard to be everything to everybody, all at once. Coupled with the lure of MTV, it was nearly impossible to avoid the biggest hits, but as usual, the real story resided away from the top 10, as today’s show makes quite evident.

We start today’s program by counting through the top 10 albums, playing excerpts here and there, and then we play a few tracks from albums that missed the top 10 – the improvement in (lasting) quality is immediately discernible. We then do more or less the same thing with the singles charts, with similar results.

Here’s a list of songs covered in today’s program;


1) Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi

2) No Sleep Til Brooklyn– The Beastie Boys

3) Nobody’s Fool – Cinderella

4) The Way It Is – Bruce Hornsby

5) Keep Your Hands to Yourself – Georgia Satellites

6) September Gurls – The Bangles

7) September Gurls – Big Star

8) Amanda – Boston

9) Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakes – Los Lobos

10) One Time One Night – Los Lobos


1) Jacob’s Ladder – Huey Lewis & the News

2) Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House

3) Sign O’ the Times - Prince

CLICK HERE to listen to the full show!

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