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AHN Reports: New Orleans: Survival and Recovery

episode date - September 19, 2005

The following is the third in a series of radio shows that AHN reviewer, Thomas Ryan, produced for his weekly radio show, American Hit Radio.

This show marks the third (and presumably final) show in our trilogy on the disaster afflicting New Orleans. For this show, we’re joined by Jamie Dehlin, a New Orleans resident for over a decade, and a very close friend of Heidy. It’s strange to notice how long it took us all to fully accept the extent of what had actually happened to this beloved city. For two weeks, Heidy and I have been so thoroughly immersed in contacting friends, absorbing the news and devising some means to help out, that we never really stopped to really think about it. My band, the Blaggards, played a benefit show on Saturday, and the preparation for this show probably added to our level of distraction. By Saturday evening, though, a strange feeling started to creep over us, and the emotional wave that eventually settled on us was cathartic and disturbing. It was as though we finally were forced to face the death of a best friend. The purpose of this show was to convey some of that catharsis, and once again, to attempt to personalize the disaster for those who are fortunate enough to be distant from it, both physically and emotionally. Jamie and I swap personal stories from friends who stayed in New Orleans and survived the ordeal. Dealing with the situation emotionally was very difficult, and you can hear some tension in our voices as we discuss the destruction and tentative fate of America’s most interesting city. Gratefully, there are a few moments of hesitant levity, too, and Heidy finally joins us at the end for a wrap-up.

I’d imagine that fans of this show have a strong connection with music, which is why I urge all of my listeners to visit PRESERVATIONHALL.COM and contribute to their fund, which will support the indigenous musicians of a city whose very existence is dependant upon their return, and vice versa. Also, a few events in the NYC area are worth noting; Wynton Marsalis is hosting a gala star-studded event at Lincoln Center on September 17 that is expensive but not more than a typical political fundraiser. For those who cannot afford a $1000 ticket, there are other events, such as the New Orleans Benefit at the Rockstar Bar on Sunday, September 18, starting at 7:00 PM. There, you can hear multiple contemporary bands, plus an art auction. Stay tuned for further opportunities to help while being entertained…

Meanwhile, here’s a list of songs that we play during the course of this show;

1) No French No More – Zachary Richard

2) Walking to New Orleans - Fats Domino

3) Broke, Lovesick and Driftin' - Hank Williams III

4) Basin Street Blues - Louis Armstrong

5) Motor Dude Special - Boozoo Chavis

CLICK HERE to listen to the full show!

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