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Archived Shows - 2010

Our last show for 2010 is a relatively simple one. We’ve spent the past two weeks looking at singles and album tracks from December 1970, and there are two more

This may very well be the point where the ‘60s unofficially ended. It was in December where the musical styles of that tumultuous decade faded into the more

Through Mick Hargeaves (bass and vocals with Los Blaggards), I’ve known of Matthew Grimm for some time now. The stories of their time together as the more

After one short week taking a quick peak at the year 1960, here we are back to covering 1970. It took us four shows to adequately cover the month of more

It’s been a while since we’ve covered 1960, but it’s a pretty interesting time for music. Sure, every indication was that rock and roll was fading away, more

A few weeks back, I figured that any reasonable coverage of this incredible month in 1970 would take 4 one-hour shows. Despite the fact that we are now in more

In our quest to provide historical perspective with relevant music, we find ourselves stuck in time forty years ago. This is our third show dedicated to more

Before our rather incredible interview (if I may say so myself) with Carol Kaye last week, our program took a detailed look at November 1970. At the more

You know the names. Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Simon and Garfunkel, Glen Campbell, Joe Cocker, Ritchie Valens, the Righteous Brothers, The Beach Boys and more

We’ve done a good number of anniversary shows, celebrating music that was twenty, thirty, forty, or fifty years old. Each show proves that there is usually more

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