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Archived Shows - 2007

Making a ‘best of’ list for 2007 is a frustrating affair, and ultimately pointless. Looking back at a few of my previous lists provides the reason. There more

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season, From Tom, Heidy, Mike and all of us at AHN! more

If you’ve been listening to American Hit Radio, then you know that we’ve been spending a great deal of time and energy focusing on music from 1967, and for more

Yes, THAT Tommy James, as in “Tommy James and the Shondells… in ”Crimson and Clover”…”Mony Mony”…”I Think We’re Alone Now”, and dozens more. For a more

Despite the implications of the title for today’s show, great music did not suddenly cease as the Summer of Love came to a close. Quite the opposite more

Lately, I’ve been so distracted by day-to-day responsibilities and mundanities that I’ve lost track of the date. Heck, I sometimes forget what time of year more

Most people think of San Francisco when they think of the Summer of Love. Granted, a great deal of change did occur in California, but the West Coast more

A few weeks ago, in our coverage of the ‘Summer of Love’, we dedicated one program to the Monterey Pop Festival, a key event in the development of pop more

Recently, another brilliant Ken Burns-affilated documentary has been airing on PBS. In a rather unusual move, a multitude of cd's have been released to more

Last week, we took a look at the contemporary pop charts as compiled on a CD series entitled “Now That’s What I Call Music.” Although this disk (#25 in the more

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