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Archived Shows

Hi everyone. Remember us? We host this show every Wednesday at 5PM on WHPC,90.3 FM, called American Hit Radio…. Or we used to host this show every more

Well she blew real hard, but didn't finish the job... AHN, based in New York, got up close and personal with this heathen from Hell this week. Yeah, more

Most discussions of soul music circa ’72 focuses exclusively on the eruption coming out of Philadelphia, but in reality that represented only a fraction of more

I remember 1972 as the year that I started to get serious about music collecting. Before then, I had accumulated crates of 45’s, but they were often more

With so much diversity creeping into popular music, mostly through artists taking full advantage of the LP format, it was only natural that some of this more

Boy, 1962 sure was a great year for pop music. Rock and roll may have been falling from favor (temporarily), but R&B, girl groups, country music, classy more

In 1982, I couldn’t help but let a degree of cynicism infect my appreciation for new music. Punk had reared its ugly head and then dissolved into a more

In previous shows, we discussed how the singer/songwriter trend started to peak in the summer of ’72, as evidenced by the huge success of artists such as more

I don’t know how old you were in 1972, or if you were even alive yet, but if you were of high school age or older, chances are very good that some of your more

Wow….it turns out that last show was a lot more popular (and more fun) than I had originally anticipated. Of course, I can understand why listening to more

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